Sanitation and Expertise of properties

1. Sanitation of real estate

The legal physical sanitation of real estate consists of carrying out all the legal procedures aimed at obtaining the technical information and the titling of the property of the land and the construction that is intended to be regularized. The legal services we offer include procedures that can range from a simple request for rectification at the administrative level to judicial processes to determine and consolidate ownership of a property.

Sanitation also includes obtaining the enabling titles (permits, rights and/or licenses) necessary to carry out a given project. Sanitation actions include, among others:

  • Rectification of pareas and boundaries
  • factory declaration
  • property registration
  • division and partition
  • Obtaining municipal licenses
  • Obtaining rights of use and/or exploitation
  • Easements of occupation, passage and transit
  • Others

2. Property valuation

The property valuation service is developed based on its characteristics and taking into account current market conditions. The valuation procedures applied are based on internationally recognized methods. The final value is estimated based on the type of property, the purpose of the valuation, as well as the quantity and quality of the information obtained.

The appraisal reports are carried out by an interdisciplinary team, they include the actual determination of the size and value of the assets under study. Our reports are endorsed by certified experts.

We carry out valuations of:

  • Departments
  • land
  • plantations and crops
  • Personal property, machinery and vehicles
  • Affectations and damages